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Welcome to The Kitchen Cabin

Having over 12 years experience in the kitchen industry, The Kitchen Cabin offers the highest quality of fitted kitchens built by hand in our workshop in Staffordshire. Our fully rigid kitchen furniture comes as standard with 18mm solid side and back panels and 2mm ABS edging. Using award winning GRASS Timos hinges and GRASS Scala draw systems ensures our kitchens will stand the test of time.

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Beautifully Bespoke Alton Kitchen

If you want quality, flair and professionalism then this is the place to come for your new kitchen. Everything we agreed, they delivered. The project staff are perfectionists, the experience and industry knowledge at the design stage are second to none. Nothing too much trouble, no surprises (other than it looking even better in real life) and my entire quirky ‘wish list’ turned into reality. Cannot recommend more highly.

P Gwinnett / Customer

Second Testimonial

I love my Laura Ashley bathroom. Derren did a great job. He paid a lot of attention to our design specification and went into great detail to make sure we were happy. We will be back to plan our kitchen!

S Salmon / Customer

Derren, Tim and Brandon provided quality workmanship and showed great consideration and care in our home whilst putting in a really lovely kitchen and bathroom, 5 stars.

P Salt / Customer

Thanks to the whole team at the Kitchen Cabin for supplying our wonderful Laura Ashley bathroom. We will be back in the summer for our bedroom.

A Taylor / Customer

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